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A mobile application that provides users the ability to tailor training splits to their lifestyle to optimize individual fitness goals. Designed to increase workout efficiency and eliminate guesswork with guidance from reputable industry coaches.

MUXD 5300.01 | MPS Fall  2023 | Capstone Development and Presentation


In today’s market users face guesswork in knowing what exercises are effective for their body type and goals. This leaves users lacking confidence in executing exercises promoted on most fitness apps. Users of the YTS application will be able to optimize their training results through a detailed training split with guidance from certified and respected industry coaches.




YTS is designed to help mid-level or professional athletes reach their fitness goals no matter how small or large with the help of coaches. YTS provides athletes with an individualized training space to enhance fitness results, increase confidence, and better their workout experience as users.

Target Audience

Mid-level or professional athletes, and coaches.

Crazy 8's, user surveys, low and mid fidelity wire framing, affinity mapping, mind map, journey mapping


Evolution of concept and design

Initial development of ideas consisted of how the user would enter the application, interact with features, complete fields to build the profile and view training splits based on day of the week.  



8 week timeline, finding users to conduct user testing.

Next Steps

-Revisit High Fi prototype to incorporate more user flows that enhance the user’s training experience.


-User test the prototype with athletes and coaches.


-Make developments upon newly gained insights.



After completing this project I have developed a new respect for UX. I have gain a deeper understanding of how much time it takes to develop an idea, test it, and execute. From here I would like to continue sharing my passion for health and wellness through YTS, and empower athletes with the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals no matter how big or small.

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